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The Dark and Light Sides of Latest Drone Technology

By Elizabeth Lee, voanews.com, 8/15/2017

The Houston Police Department talks about the costs and benefits of the evolution of drone technology.  Where is your department going to fall into the technology adoption life cycle?  Will you be an innovator or a laggard?


The Army abandoned DJI drones. Now they're getting stealth mode

By Sean Hollister, cnet.com, 8/15/2017

Two weeks ago, the US Army banned the use of DJI drones to prevent “cyber vulnerabilities” with the Chinese drone manufacturer.  While surprised by the actions, DJI moved quickly to develop a new “stealth mode” to win the business back.  There’s no word from the US Army on if this new mode will be authorized for use.


Antonelli Law Successfully Defends Part 107 Pilot in Chicago Drone Ordinance Case

By Jeffrey Antonelli, suasnews.com, 8/15/2017

Many local governments have started regulating airspace in order to curb the use of drones in cities and parks. City courts are taking charge of situations that would normally be handled by the FAA and it’s causing trouble for drone pilots.


DJI condemns Unsafe Mavic flying near Tel Aviv Airport

DJI Press Release, www.suasnews.com, 07/17/2017

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, condemns in the strongest possible terms a video posted by a drone user that records landing of aircraft at Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport. The user, Niv Stubenski, claims to have filmed the landings with a DJI Mavic Pro.


Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police launch the UK’s first operational Drone Unit

Press Release, www.suasnews.com, 07/14/2017

The Devon & Cornwall and Dorset police department has become the first in the UK with a stand-alone fully operational drone unit. The force operates a DJI Inspire outfitted with a 4K camera and a thermal imaging camera, along with the smaller, super portable DJI Mavic.


FAA Continues UAS Map Rollout

www.uasvision.com, 7/14/2017

Part 107 pilots who wish to fly in controlled space can now consult maps published online by the FAA to determine whether the requested area of operation is likely to be approved.


Drones to the Rescue: A new age of public safety technology

By Tricia Harte, www.fox59.com, 7/14/2017

For the past three years, Wayne Township Fire Department in Indiana has invested in and expanded the use of UAV’s in their operations, and the benefits have been huge.


Hiring a drone hobbyist? You might be committing a federal crime.

By Peter Sachs, suasnews.com, 7/12/2017

The question has arisen from time-to-time, as to whether a customer who willingly engages the services of a drone operator, knowing that he or she does not hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, could be subject to federal legal action. The answer is a qualified “yes.”


This is the Drone You’re Looking For: DJI Mavic Pro Review

Drone execs feeling positive after white house session

By Frank Schroth, www.dronelife.com, 7/11/2017

CEOS of drone companies big and small left the White House feeling optimistic about the growth of the UAV industry after a meeting with President Trump and and senior administration officials about the development of commercial drone regulations and industry needs.


Drone technology to help West Seneca police fight crime

FAA to Refund Registered Drone Operators $5 Each

By Marco Margaritoff, thedrive.com, 7/7/2017

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun officially refunding any and all hobby drone operators who paid to have their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) registered during the time period in which it was required. A few months ago a local court deemed this legislation unconstitutional. New legislation is in the works, but for now, find out how to get that fiver you spent registering your drone back here.


12 of the most fly photos taken by drones in 2017

By Elyse Wanshel, www.huffingtonpost.com, 07/05/2017

The fourth annual International Drone Photography Contest Winners were announced, and the scenes captured are nothing short of spectacular! A panel of experts, including the deputy director of photography at National Geographic and the photo editor at National Geographic France, acted as judges.


DJI sets up public safety training program in the Netherlands

DJI Press Release, mydesknews.com, 7/5/2017

DJI has been working hard to highlight the benefits of drone technology for society at large, including public safety and infrastructure inspection. To this end, they have set up a training program in the Netherlands to develop standard operating procedures for drone applications for public safety.


West Memphis FD buys drone for hazmat, search and rescue missions