Sizing up large/hard to access structures is resource and time intensive.  Having eyes in the sky assists command with creating a plan of attack.

Our long range flight package can be used for:

  1. Scouting of extensive HAZMAT scenes
  2. Long range surveillance

Our HAZMAT package allows teams to:

  1. Quickly evaluate types and concentrations of gases in a plume
  2. More easily coordinate cleanup/evacuation
  3. Detect gamma radiation from the air

Our mapping UAV package can be used to:

  1. Document fire scenes
  2. Reconstruct accidents

The aerial surveillance package can be used for:

  1. Locating missing or trapped persons
  2. Better overall situational awareness

AutonomousSafety can assist departments with drone procedures for pre-fire planning, 360s, use in training, and live streaming to command.  Additionally we provide support with FAA submissions and training for Pilots In Command and Visual Observers.